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Impact Report

July 5, 2023

2022-2023 Gifts at Work Students recognize and appreciate that they thrive in a school where they are known and nurtured to explore their gifts and interests. In 2022-23, we fostered growth in 377 students! Supporters and volunteers helped us build community this year as we: Reviewed our vision, mission, and curriculum to prepare for a 10-year reaccreditation visit from the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. Joined 400 others at the Mennonite Educators Conference and celebrated how we are “better together.” Launched a campaign to build…

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From a donor....

"EMHS got me on the right path by fostering a community with high morals and high expectations. By giving to Eastern Mennonite School, I can help others get on the right track too."

Alum '51

We give to Eastern Mennonite School as they help build a strong Christian foundation in our kids while they are still at a young age. The principal, teachers and staff genuinely care about each child.

-Current EMES parent

"For generations EMHS has been providing a stellar education through an Anabaptist lens. I benefited from that education, the connections, and the teachers and staff who gave of their time, energy and resources to teach here.

I am so thankful that EMHS didn't give up on me and kept inviting me back to its community. ...I give to EMHS because it's the least I can do so say thank you. "

-Alum '90

Looking back, EMHS was an important facilitator for me to help become the man I am today. My wife and I were happy we were able to give in these unprecedented times! I pray all those that want to attend EMS have the ability, and that my family and I can continue to support the school in the future. 

- Alum '06

"We're blessed to be able to support EMS [during Christmas Fund Drive]."
- Current middle school parent

I've always cherished my EMHS days. My sister attended before me, and my mom went to EMS in the 1940s. I'm grateful for the education I received, and the values of compassion, justice and love that are still taught at EMS. I also like what I perceive as an ethical and caring administration and teachers and other staff at EMS.

- Marie Hertzler, Alum

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

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Paul Leaman, head of school

Paul Leaman
Head of School


Trisha Blosser
Development Officer