Endowments: Gifts that keep on giving to the mission of Eastern Mennonite School

Endowment gifts are invested in ways intended to provide annual support AND grow with inflation.  Endowment income sustains Eastern Mennonite School programs in these four endowment categories:

  • Facility and Grounds Endowments provide ongoing maintenance and repairs to selected areas of the school.
  • Program Endowments enhance designated academic or services areas of the school. 
  • Financial Aid Endowments strengthen the diversity of EMS; making Christian education accessible to economically disadvantaged families. 
  • General Endowments are board directed for use where needed most.

Each graduating class has a Financial Aid Endowment in their honor.  Alumni are encouraged to give to their class endowment as a means to perpetuate the Christian educational experience they had at Eastern Mennonite.

Gifts of any size may be contributed to an already established endowed fund.

Eastern Mennonite School has 107 endowed funds.  Many are established in memory of a person, family or preferred program.  Currently, the minimum amount required to establish a named endowment is $10,000.

If you are interested in more information about establishing an endowment, please contact Paul Leaman, Head of School, at (540) 236-6002.