Christmas Fund Drive

Watch a video that Lily Harmison '20 and friends created
for this year's drive!

Why we LOVE our school

If you are an EMHS alum, you likely remember the energy and excitement of Christmas Fund Drive season, goofy performances, incentives, writing letters, making calls and, ultimately celebrating together.

Every year since 1955, students, faculty and staff have joined together to raise the funds necessary to keep our school strong. This year we are talking about what we LOVE about our school during Christmas Fund Drive.


2018 Fund Drive goals include:

  • Helping ALL students attend EMS at a more affordable rate by keeping tuition low.

  • Raising $200,000 to do everything from retaining talented teachers to financial aid to maintaining our building. Tuition revenue alone -- even when paid in full -- does not cover the cost of a student's education. We rely on the generous support of area churches, businesses and donors to make our school succeed and available to all. Christmas Fund Drive is part of the 2nd Century Fund's annual goal of $655,000.

  • Developing important life skills for students. These include learning to articulate what students appreciate about their school, the value of philanthropy and supporting their school, the confidence to invite people with whom they already have a relationship to support an important endeavor.

We are grateful for...

  • Friends, family, church members, and alumni who give generously.
  • Students who try. That is all we ask. We invite everyone to think about what they appreciate about our school and tell a friend, family member, church friend. And, in telling someone else, invite them to support the school.
  • Students who go "all out!" Every year, there are some students, a group of students, or even a whole class who chooses to embrace the challenge and the opportunity. They inevitably show creativity and determination that makes a difference for the whole school!
  • Parents of current students who help to articulate the value of the drive, noting that family contributions to school costs through tuition cover only a portion of the cost of study at EMS. Parents help to set a positive and encouarging -- and fun -- tone.
  • Faculty and Staff who support the school they care about so deeply.
  • Volunteers and staff who fulfill behind-the-scenes planning and organizing of getting fund drive packets and materials in the hands of about 350 students.


Make your gift!

The Christmas Fund Drive is launched every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving break with a special chapel service. During chapel, students hear from the Advancement team and student reps from each class about the purpose and goals of the event. Be ready for the request when a student contacts you in person, on the phone or by letter!