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You can support EMS with:

  • prayer;
  • volunteer hours;
  • attending athletic, theater, choral and other events;
  • telling prospective students and parents about the school;
  • making tax deductible gifts to our Second Century and Let the Children Come capital campaign.


EMS offers excellent academics for students K-12 from a foundation of faith and values in a welcoming community with global perspective. Across our curriculum we emphasize experiential learning, music, community building, and faith development. Read about students who volunteered at a local farm

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View our Christmas Fund Drive page to learn more about this tradition and encouraging our students with your generosit



Contact us:


We are happy to answer questions and discuss how your gift might best serve EMS in fulfilling its mission!

Trisha Blosser, Andrea Wenger, Paul Leaman

Erin Kennedy Hess, Advancement Assistant. Phone 540-236-6025. Email

Paul Lehman, Head of School. Phone 540-236-6012. Email

Trisha Maust '95 Blosser, Development Officer. Phone 540-236-6024. Email

Andrea Schrock '82 Wenger, Director of Advancement. Phone 540-236-6026. Email


Other ways to support...

Support EMS when you patronize the following businesses and sign up for their giving program:

  • Shopping with Amazon Prime
  • Buying groceries at Martin's or Kroger
  • Using an ink jet or laser printer at home
  • Sourcing your heating fuel from AmeriGas
  • ...and many others - see the full list here!


Thank you to those who donated in 2017-18!


James and Emily Akerson Lenard Gitau and Nancy Njoroge Daniel Martin Christopher and Laura Showalter
Nels Akerson and Kristin Bell Gladys A. Driver Estate John Martin Christopher and Liesel Showalter
Rodney and Jenelle Alderfer Ervie and Mary Glick Ruth Martin Mark and Maria Showalter
Joyce Alexander Keith and Linda Gnagey Arlin and Janet Martin Marvin and Florence Showalter
David and Julia Alleman James Goalder Curtis and Elizabeth Martin Omar Showalter
Allied Concrete Co Stanley and Susan Godshall Daniel and Ruth Martin Samuel and Janice Showalter
Devon and Teresa Anders Matthew and Kathryn Goins Don and Barbara Martin Welby and Sharon Showalter
Robin Anderson Gaylan Good Dwayne and Pat Martin Harold and Alma Shultz
Lofton and Robin Anderson Kerinna Good Eric Martin and Susan Rohrer Martin Ronald and Regina Shultz
Donor Anonymous E. Richard and Wanda Good Kenneth and Yvonne Martin Marvin and Sarah Slabaugh
Olive Arbogast James and Dorcas Good Larry and Becky Martin Chris and Mary-Kaye Slonaker
Joseph and Maria Archer Lee and Rosemary Good Larry and Pauline Martin Carl and Margaret Smeltzer
Myron and Esther Augsburger Leon and Elaine Good Lee and Margaret Martin Mary Smith
Franklin and Retha Baer Megan Good Michael and Yvonne Martin G. Steven and Jeannie Smith
William and Cheeri Barnhart Ray and Sandra Good Robert and Karen Martin John Jay and Joann Smith
Anne Bartee Roy and Kathryn Good Martin, Beachy & Arehart, PLLC Timothy Smith and Lisa Ha
Kendal and Jennifer Bauman Goshen College Massanutten Adventures Inc. Jeffrey Smoker
Trevor Bauman Mary Liechty Graber and Peter Graber Massanutten Presbyterian Church Gary Smucker
Jeremy and Diann Beach Rodney and Hope Graber Massanutten River Adventures David and Sheri Smucker
R. Scott and Jodi Beachy Asa and Kathleen Graves Lynette Mast Gregory and Barbara Smucker
Bear Creek Enterprises Alan and Jean Greaser Marilyn Mast James and Martha Snavely
Sarah Bechler Greenbriar Foods LLC Ronald Mast SNI, LLC
David and Brenda Bechler Michael and Bonnie Greene Darrell and Lisa Mast Gloria Snider
John and Wendy Beiler Marvin and Dorothy Groff Larry and Helen Mast Debra Snyder
Larry and Natalie Beiler Leonard and Irene Gross Loren and Keri Mast Jean Snyder
Paul and Leanna Beiler Cecil and Doris Grove Barry Maust Seymour and Kennea Solomon
Richard and Lenora Bell Daniel and Maria Guerrero Dennis Maust Dickson and Jennifer Sommers
Donald Bender Rodney and Barbara Gunden Marge Maust Eugene and Alice Souder
Ann Bender Ronald W Guth Marvin and Lori Maust Jeffrey and Carrie Souder
Eric and Mary Bendfeldt Carl and Sue Hackman Robert and Gretchen Maust Samuel and Martha Spicher
Steve and Leanne Benner Carol Hall Wendell and Lois Maust Stuart and Sharon Spigel
Carl and Rosie Berkey Jimmy and Judith Hall Nathan and Melodie May Springdale Mennonite Church
Allen and Diana Berkshire Andrew and Shiree Harbick McAlister's Deli Frank and Annette Sprinkel
Katherine Berkshire Robert and Allison Harbick Roger McCafferty Jacob and Rachel Stahl
Derek and Jana Beyer Wanda and C. Phil Harder Cornelius and Mary McCormick Joy Stallings
Benjamin and Sarah Bixler Hans Harman Chad and Jill McGlaughlin Raymond and Saluda Stapleton
James and Dana Blauch Merlin Harman Susan Melendez Raymond and Wendy Stapleton
Blauch Brothers Inc Carl and Herta Harman Alex and Susan Melendez James and Ruth Stauffer
Donna Blosser Hans and Sarah Harman Merck Foundation John and Mary Beth Stauffer
Glendon Blosser Orden and Reba Harman Elmer and Violet Metzler John and Velma Stauffer
Mabelee Blosser Harman Construction Inc James and Rachel Metzler Thomas and Elaine Stauffer
James and Janet Blosser Harrisonburg Mennonite Church Michael A Weiler, DMD, PC Virgene Steffen
Jesse and Ellen Blosser Judith Hartman Milagros Mieses Steven and Kathi Stein
Lucas and Jennifer Blosser Curtis and Jacqueline Hartman Joyce Millen Eldon and Patricia Steiner
Max and Alta Blosser Nicholas and Lindsay Hartman Albert Miller Walter and Rachel Stockton
Blue Ridge Tours, Inc Dale and Barb Hartzler Melody Miller Edward Stoltzfus
Brian and Yvonne Boettger Jay and Sheri Hartzler Ruth Miller Karl Stoltzfus
Edward and Kim Bollinger Roy and Lois Hartzler Shirley Miller Laura Stoltzfus
Denice Bolt Kenneth and Nicole Haskell Stephanie Miller Logan Stoltzfus
Laura Bomberger Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hatcher Andrew and Elizabeth Miller Glen and Malinda Stoltzfus
Don and Judy Bomberger Chad and Lori Hatter Carmen and Chadrick Miller Grant and Susan Stoltzfus
Douglas and Teresa Bomberger Charles and Ashley Hatter Clinton and Aubrey Miller Karl and Barbara Stoltzfus
John and Linda Bomberger Dennis and Luanne Hatter Craig Miller and Lois Blauch Miller Kristi Stoltzfus
Dennis Bontrager David and Angela Hayes Duane and Sharon Miller Michael and Jennifer Stoltzfus
Marion G. Bontrager Lester and Sara Heacock Edgar Miller and Carmen Strite Miller Omar and Catherine Stoltzfus
Mervin and Lois Bontrager Kathryn Heatwole Elroy and Linda Miller Victor and Marie Stoltzfus
Roy and Ruth Bontrager Kenneth Heatwole Eugene and Ruth Miller Micah Jost
Jonas and Barbara Borntrager Conrad and Mary Jane Heatwole Fred and Judy Miller Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost
David and Shana Boshart Glendon and Cheryl Heatwole Galen Miller and Sue Neeb Timothy and Kathryn Stoltzfus-Dueck
Lura Bowin Leo and Ruthanne Heatwole Jim and Sharon Miller William and Hope Stoner
Lois Bowman Irvin and Anna Heishman John and Barbara Miller Samuel and Dorothy Stover
Randall J. Bowman Keith and Ellen Helmuth Katelyn Miller Mary Strate Bahn
Craig and Suzanne Boyers Les and Sylvia Helmuth Kenlyn and Carolyn Miller L. Gerald and Sharon Strite
Jessica Bradberry Charles Hendricks Kevin and Lorene Miller Jeff Strong and Carolyn Herr Strong
William and Alva Jean Bradberry Randa Hendricks Levi and Cora Miller Samuel and Mary Strong
Chester and Nancy Bradfield Darrell and Linda Hensley Lois W. Miller Gordon and Faye Sturgis
Jason and Lynn Brehm Anita Hershey Luke and Denise Miller Lleyton Stutzman
George Brenneman Benjamin and Martha Hershey Maynard and Ruth Miller Curt and Jeanne Stutzman
Victoria Brenneman Gerald and Jeanette Hershey Mervyl and Linda Miller Leon and Roberta Stutzman
Bob and Kim Brenneman Laura L. Hershey Sara Grace Miller Timothy and Laura Stutzman
James and Magdalene Brenneman Andre Hertzler T. Lee and Martha Miller Dianne Summy
John Brenneman Megan Hertzler Tom and Sonya Miller Brant and Jeannette Suter
Tim and Ann Brenneman Oliver Hertzler William and Judy Miller Eldon and Lynn Suter
Margaret Brisch Barry and Dolores Hertzler David and Marian Mininger Jay and Geneva Suter
Matthew and Susan Brisch Donald Hertzler Abram and Marolyn Minnich Jerrel and Lorene Suter
Marcia Brown Jerry and Lisa Hertzler Thomas and Sarah Mitch Stuart and Lorraine Suter
Linda Allen Brown Lowell and Betty Hertzler Momentum Earthworks Suter Engineering, PC
Maynard and Janice Brubacher Brian Hess and Erin Kennedy Hess James and Dawn Monger Paul and Bertha Swarr
David and Martha Brubaker Jacob and Norlene Hess James Moore and Lodema Miller Ernest and Mary Swartz
Dennis and Alice Brubaker Rebecca Hess Robert and Christine Morelli Louise Swartz
J. Mark and Beryl Brubaker James and Carol Hilty Brad and Sherri Moyer Theodore and Susan Swartz
Myron and Regina Brubaker Mary Hinkle David and Nancy Moyer David Swartzendruber
Margaret Bruckhart Howard and Lois Holdsclaw Donald and Marie Moyer Loren and Pat Swartzendruber
Douglas Brunk Sean and Zsofia Hole J. Phillip and Betsy Moyer Carol Swartzentruber
Benjamin and Cynthia Brunk Keith and Megan Holland Karen and Leon Moyer Judith Sweger
George and Pat Brunk Stephen and Carolyn Holland David and Joanna Moyer Diener Nelson and Gloria Swope
George and Ruthann Brunk Jerry and Sharon Hollar Randall and Eleanor Moyers Louise Tardy
Gerald and Shirley Brunk Rinita A. Dalan and George R. Holley Mt Clinton Mennonite Church Heather Taylor
Harry and Elsie Brunk Caitlin J Holsapple Muhlenberg Lutheran Church Donald and Erma Taylor
Henry and Edna Brunk Marvin and Diane Holsopple Robert and Janie Mullet William and Marie Tayman
Joseph and Mary Louise Brunk Lloyd Horst Miriam Mumaw Robert and Courtney Teague
Kenneth and Gail Brunk Reuben and Ruth Ann Horst Russell and Ruth Mumaw Terra Engineering and Land Solutions PC
William and Ronda Bryant Bob and Eloise Hostetler Steven and Amy Mumbauer The Community Foundation
Steve and Rebecca Brydge Chad and Minnette Hostetler Wayne and Ruth Mumbauer The Gaines Group
Taylor Buchanan Eric and Lavonn Hostetler David and Marlene Murray Bruce Thomas
Don and Lois Bucher Greg and Melissa Hostetler Kimberly W Murray George and Virginia Townsend
John and Sharon Bucher Larion and Ruby Hostetler Lois Myers Larry Trissel
Buffalo Wild Wings Hazel Hostetter Daryl and Marcia Myers Lory Trissel
Lyle Burkholder Ronald Hostetter Jeffry and Audrey Myers Derik and Laura Trissel
Monika Burkholder Alden and Louise Hostetter Pauline Myers Trissels Mennonite Church
Myrna Burkholder Eric and Janet Hostetter Marj Nafziger Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Ruth Burkholder Stanley and Alice Hostetter Kenneth and Judith Nafziger Matthew and Crystal Trost
Brian and Kelly Burkholder Eric and Amanda Hottinger Zachary and Stephanie Nafziger Betty Troyer
Christopher and Eliza Burkholder Miriam Housman Donald Nair G. Weldon Troyer
Earl and Donna Burkholder Isabel Grace Howard Roger and Linda Nelson Jeanne Troyer
Ruel and Diane Burkholder Mark and Marsha Howard Ben and Mary Jane Newcomer Doris Trumbo
Peggy Swank Buterbaugh Sophie Howard Edward Nice Trumbo Electric Inc
Richard and Janelle Butterworth Kenneth and Sally Hughes Evelyn Nice Lowell Turner
Owen and Barbara Byer Chris Hughes and Mary Golden Hughes Stephen and Kelli Nichols Gary and Debra Turner
Holden and Heidi Byler Kevin Humphries Eric and Jaclyn Nickel Neil and Margaret Turner
J. Daryl and Cynthia Byler William and Jeanette Hunsberger Marv and Fern Nisly Donald and Julie Tyson
Carson Cale Faye Hurren Timothy and Miriam Nissley Jennifer Ulrich
Mary Cale Micah and Carla Hurst Myrl and Phyllis Nofziger Valley View Mennonite Church
Camp Horizons, LC Grace Hutcheson Roger and Earlene Nofziger Donna Van Horn
Mary Carroll Paul and Keri Hutcheson Wesley and Vicki Nolt Karoly Varga and Maria Maschl Varga
Chick-fil-A Dwight and Susan Huyard Melani and Curtis Novinger Andrew J Veenis
Paul and Rebecca Christophel Immanuel Mennonite Church Michelle and Chad Nussbaum Richard and Cynthia Veenis
Margaret Clark InterChange Group, Inc Roy and Lynda O'Bryan John and Deborah Veitch
Jeremy and Tracy Clark Irene Showalter Charitable Bequest OMDB Three LC John Via and Alison Hardwick
Classic Kitchen & Bath Robert and Charlene Jacob Matthew and Sheila Ours Elizabeth Villenave
Mike and April Clemmer Leah Jacobs Steve and Debra Pardini Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community
Paul and Sherry Cline Don and Anna Jacobs Jun Hyung Park Vistashare LLC
Stanley and Nancy Cline Beryl and Margo Jantzi Park View Federal Credit Union David and Laura Voth
Cline Electric Ryan Johnson Park View Mennonite Church Leland and Joanne Voth
Robert and Joy Coakley Steve and Brenda Judy Brett Parsons Luke and Cynthia Voth
Don and Eva Coffey David Kanagy Jack Parsons Linwood and Radella Vrolijk
Community Mennonite Church Wayne Katz William and Eunice Paul Mary Lou
William and Diann Conlin Christy Kauffman Allen Peachey Andrew and Shana Wagner
Cottonwood Commercial Glen and Sandra Kauffman Dean and Anna Pegel William and Shelia Wagoner
Jack and Pat Crouch James and Ardith Kauffman Rhoda Peifer Gene and Wanda Wampler
D. Poynter & Company, Inc Keith and Vickie Kauffman Betty Pellman Scott Wang
Michael Dailey Lois Kauffman Robert and Celah Pence Charles and Judith Warren
David Alan Industries, Inc Lowell and Phyllis Kauffman Bill Phibbs Warren H. Alderfer Estate
Jennifer Davis Sensenig Lyle and Rhoda Kauffman Amy Phillips WBTX
Mary L. Dean Thomas and Julia Kauffman Michael and Sarah Piper Henry Weaver
Joyce Deavers Calvin and Loretta Kaufman Ron and Myrna Piper Marion Weaver
Mark and Laurie Deavers Ruth Kaufman Raymond and Susan Plank Don and Pam Weaver
Todd DeBarba and Nicole Radziwill Jonathan and Kelly Keane Lois Poster Greg and Valerie Weaver
Martha Deibler Dorothy Keener David and Krista Powell James and Susan Weaver
Marilyn Denlinger Thomas and Debra Kennedy Fred and Bonnie Powell Jerrel and Wendy Weaver
Amy DePoy Christian and Rose Kennel Fred and Kimberly Powell John and Margaret Weaver
Merlin and Jackie Deputy Elmer and Marianne Kennel Dale and Ginny Poynter Jonathan and Diane Weaver
Kenton and Rhoda Derstine Tim and Jayne Kennel Elwood Price Ken and Kathy Weaver
M. G. Derstine Charles and Dawn Kern Wanda Propst Lloyd and Sarah Marie Weaver
Detweiler, Hershey & Associates LaDene King Karen Ransaw Matthew and Michelle Weaver
Donna Leigh Devier Lois King Raymond and Jeanne Rapp Michael and Rachel Weaver
Eugene and Gloria Diener Rosemary King Calvin Redekop Sam Weaver
Richard DiPasquale Barry and Susan King Daniel and Cleta Reinford Steven and Elsie Weaver
Christopher DiPasquale J. Darwin and Carol King Mary Reitz W. Matthew Weaver
Paul and Takouhi Doctorian Laura Ann King Raymond and Naomi Ressler Weaver's Flooring America
Robert and Mary Dredger Martin and Sharon King Leon and Elva Rhodes Weavers Mennonite Church
David Driver Walter and Miriam King Mrs. Rose Rhodes Ruth Weirich
Evelyn Driver Doris Kinney Winston and Charlotte Rhodes Gordon and Barbara Weirich
Maxwell Driver Dave and Sharon Kisamore Winston and Rene Rhodes Delbert and Andrea Wenger
Nelson Driver Leroy and Juanita Kiser Daniel R. Rice Linda Wenger
Steve Driver Marcus Kline Timothy Rice Darrell and Hannah Wenger
Willard Driver Wayne and Erin Knicely Richard L. Eberly, LPC David and Miriam Wenger
Elizabeth and David Driver Betty Kniss Adam Riddle Glen and Ethel Wenger
Lewis and Rhea Driver Robert Kniss Samantha Rimer Herbert C. Wenger
Woodrow and Regina Driver Paul and Naomi Kniss Abe and Ruth Rittenhouse J. Lowell and Janet Wenger
Jairemy and Pamela Drooger Philip and Irene Kniss Rockingham Construction Co Inc William and Margaret Wenger
Phillip and Janeth Duncan Daniel M. Krady Rockingham Cooperative Weyers Cave Medical Center
Allen Early Curtis and Eva Kratz Scott and Shaena Rogers Raymond and Mary Whalen
Roy and Phyllis Early Erik and Sarah Kratz Joseph Lee Ropp James and Judith White
Eastern Mennonite University Floyd and Debra Kratz Earl and Doris Rosenberger John and Mary Ellen Widrick
Brent and Chris Eberly Ernest and Eunice Kraybill Nancy Ross Una Lee Wilkins
Fred and Karen Eberly Angela Kreider Joel and Julianne Ross David and Havilah Wingfield
Hannah Eberly Betty Kreider Wesley and Nancy Ross Elizabeth S. Winkler
Sherman and Ann Eberly John Kreider Shannon and Brandon Roth William and Sandy Winkler
Wendell and Carol Eberly Norman and Dorothy Kreider Lynn and Kathleen Roth Winston O. Weaver Family Foundation
Kevin and Kara Eby Kreider Machine Shop, Inc Philip and Jane Roth Esther Witmer
David and Lynne Eggert Dennis and Edith Kuhns Amy Rush James and Rachel Witmer
Ardis Egli Eldon and Sharyl Kurtz James and Gerry Rush Woodstone Meadows Stables, INC
EK Investors, LLC Ray and Paige Landes Jon and Marj Rush Gloria and Anthony Worme
Miriam and W. Robert Elliott Craig and Theresa Landes Stephen and Carolyn Sachs Nathan Wright and Paula Max-Wright
Phyllis Emery Philip and Jana Landes NaJeeb Sahar LaMar and Karon Wyse
Emory J. Good Plumbing Roland and Darlene Landes Lydia Samatar Kaijun Henry Xie
Iva Emswiler Landes Heating & Air Conditioning Laurence and Evelyn Sauder Andrew Yoder
Levi Emswiler Earl Landis David and Rachel Roth Sawatzky Cora Yoder
David and Ruth Emswiler Jay and Peggy Landis Andrew Schaefer David Yoder
Loudoun Emswiler Jean Landis John Scherpereel and Melinda Adams Janet Yoder
Margaret England Martin and Ruth Landis Lucille Schiefer Michael K. Yoder
Brendan Erb David and Cheryl Lantz Bradley and Jayne Schlabach Paul Yoder
Clair and Eugenia Esch Doug and Gwen Lantz Radell Schrock Philip Yoder
J. Robert and Rosalie Eshleman Pearl Lantz Bryan Schrock and Lori Hertzler-Schrock Aaron and Melinda Yoder
Kenneth and Myrna Eshleman Joe and Hannah Lapp Walter Schweigert and Linda Reichle Adam Yoder and Jennifer Holsinger
Rodney and Cindy Eshleman Katie Layman Gary and Linda Scrogham Allen Yoder
Roger and Barbara Eshleman Kenneth and Debra Layman David and Allison Seabeck Carl and Phyllis Yoder
David and Gwen Eubanks Larry and Joan Layman King and Janie Seegar Carroll and Nancy Yoder
Kathryn Evans Wilbur and Helen Layman Chad and Jessica Seibert David and Allison Yoder
Excel Steel Works LD&B Insurance Randall and Patsy Seitz Derek Yoder and Tara Davis
FACT Enterprises Inc Bao Quoc Le Select Airparts Duane and Jill Yoder
John and Kathryn Fairfield Sebastien Le Goff Lois Sell Edward and Laura Yoder
Joshua and Christine Fairfield Kevin Leaman Shalom Mennonite Congregation Elwood and Joy Yoder
Nathaniel and Miriam Fairfield James and Lori Leaman John Shank Emery and Faye Yoder
Peter and Bethany Fairfield Paul and Erma Leaman Donald and Brenda Shank J. David and Nancy Yoder
Families of Weaver's Floor Covering Paul and Mary Leaman Jeff and Julie Shank Janet Yoder
Family of Hope Stephen and Doris Leaman John and Cynthia Shank Jesse and Gladys Yoder
Nancy Farrar Belaine Lehman Joseph G Shank Kenton and Diane Yoder
John and Barbara Fast Betty Lehman Kenneth and Carolyn Shank Larry and Marilyn Yoder
Joely Ferrell David Lehman Larry and Wendy Shank Lawrence and Shirlee Yoder
Maya Ferrell Dorothy Lehman Merlin and Pamela Shank Lela Faye Yoder
Sara Ferrell David and Lavonne Lehman Morgan Shank Marion and Eleanor Yoder
Jason and Kristin Fink Elmer and Eileen Lehman Orval and Dorothy Shank Marlin and Mary Yoder
First Mennonite Church Galen and Gloria Lehman Raymond and Gladys Shank Mary Jane Yoder
Paul and Hazel Fisher Darlene and Joel Lehman Sheldon and Lois Shank Paul and Ann Yoder
Frances Flannery Larry Lehman Stuart and Helen Shank Paul and Daisy Yoder
Mrs. Ella Flory Maurice and Carol Lehman Linda Shelly Paul and Fern Yoder
Susan Franck Todd and Julie Lehman Rebecca Shelly Paul and Katrina Yoder
Shauna French Wilmer and Mary Louise Lehman Shenandoah Valley Investments, LLC Robert and Dorothy Yoder
Joyce and Orrin French Kerry and Rebecca Leichty Audrey Shenk Ronald and Shirley Yoder
Valerie E. French George Lewis Charles Shenk Ruby Yoder
Elizabeth Frey-Davis Myron and Joyce Lind Donald Shenk Steve and Twila Yoder
Nan and J. Kenneth Garber Lindale Mennonite Church Ranita Shenk Verton and Cheryl Yoder
James and Lori Garrett Barry and Tina Linhart Alan and Sharon Shenk Virgil and Rita Yoder
Mary Jane Garrison Dave and Michelle Link James and Eileen Shenk Jennifer Young
Joseph and Barbara Gascho Carl and Nancy Litwiller Jonathan and Sheryl Shenk Aaron and Andrea Yutzy
Lee and Lana Gascho Jeremy and Jennifer Litwiller Michael and Peggy Shenk David and Jewel Yutzy
Barbara Gautcher Wendell and Betty Litwiller Steve Shenk and Karen Moshier-Shenk Jay and Rebecca Yutzy
Linford and Rebecca Gehman Dorothy Logan John and Alma Shertzer Andrew Zapanta
Darrell and Emily Gelser Linda Longacre Craig and Bonnie Shoemaker Conrad and Laura Zapanta
Robert and Fannie Gerber C. Glenn and Laurie Loucks Brent Showalter Ann Zimmerman
Jason Gerlach and Wendy Houser Gerlach Carol Lown Debra Showalter Mark and Karene Zimmerman
John and Mary Jane Gerlach Wade and Melanie Luhn Evonne Showalter Janna Zirkle
Bethany Gibbs David and Debbie MacDonald Joyce Showalter Ethan Zook
Stephen and Bethany Gibbs Ralph and Alice MacPhail Lena Showalter Gordon and Bonnetta Zook
Don and Janet Gillman Mark A Bergman Building Inc Millard Showalter  
Chris and Eileen Gingrich Ann Martin Carl and Julie Showalter