High School OrchestraThe Fine Arts are an integral element in the educational program at Eastern Mennonite School. Ninety years ago music education was listed as one of our three primary goals and today we have the area's only full high school orchestra as well as singing, choir and instrumental options for students of all ages and ability.  We also offer two-dimensional and three-dimensional art education including drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramic pottery, printmaking and both digital and analog photography.

Theater and DramaFor graduation, one unit of Fine Arts credit is required but every year over 85% of the student body is involved in some aspect of the Fine Arts. This participation reflects the philosophy that the arts are a crucial part of our life. Recent brain research would support the idea that music and art are the foundation of thinking and expression.

In our teaching we promote the idea that the arts are a life-long enriching part of our life. Our gifts and abilities are all at Pottery Wheeldifferent stages of development and we encourage all of our students to participate in Fine Arts. There are opportunities for students to participate at every level of competence.

Excellence in acting, singing and artistic expression is a goal for all courses in the Fine Arts curriculum. Beyond excellence, however, is the understanding that the arts enrich us spiritually and emotionally.