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Calling all alumni!

Remember all that talk about "community" when you were at EMHS (or the middle or even elementary school)? It's a lifetime community! Please keep us updated on your vocation, family, school, church, community and other involvements. We want to share updates with classmates, celebrate with you, support you in hard times, stay in touch, and keep the community strong.

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Recent updates

Thanks to alumni for sharing these recent updates...


Carissa Boettger '11 wrote in fall 2018: I graduated from JMU in 2015 with a degree in Public Health Education and got an internship that following summer with Sentara RMH Community Health, which then turned into a job and that’s where I currently work.  I absolutely love my job as a Community Health Educator and love my coworkers and decided to go back to school to pursue nursing.  I am work full-time and am in nursing school full-time at BRCCo.  I have also been an instructor for the Parenting Education and Support (PEAS) class for parents that have children five years and younger and am part of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) with the March of Dimes that coordinates the “walk" for Rockingham and Augusta Counties. 





Nathaniel Yoder ‘04  graduated from his medical residency program June 16, 2018. He practiced emergency medicine in the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, Pa, for the past four years. Nate and Maggie, also a physician, moved to Wichita, Kansas, July, 2018. Nate will be working in the Wesley Medical Center hospital as an emergency room doctor, and Maggie is in family practice in the Newton Medical Center. They have a daughter, Lily.