Middle School

Rebecca Yutzy
Rebecca Yutzy
Middle School Team Leader

Academic Philosophy

EMMS seeks to challenge students in:

  • building foundational knowledge that will prepare them for academic courses in high school
  • developing gifted behaviors that will allow students to succeed in school, work and life in the 21st century.
  • moving from concrete to abstract thinking that will enable them to grasp how specific information connects to the "big picture.”

Exploratory Courses

The exploratory sequence at EMMS is designed to give students a variety of hands-on experiences beyond traditional core subjects. The goal of the sequence is to expose students to creative endeavors so that they may discover new interests and abilities. The sequence is meant to be a fun and eye-opening platform where students are free to explore without the concern and pressure of achieving a perfect grade. Students will explore:

  • Music
  • World Languages
  • Drama
  • Technical Education
  • Family Consumer Sciences
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Computer Skills & Applications