Experiential Learning

In addition to the experiential learning that happens in our K-12 classrooms daily and on field trips, EMS offers annual experiential learning opportunities for students and teachers to participate in. These experiences are designed to address one of more of the following focus areas? Learning a new skill or improving a skill; service learning; cross-cultural awareness; and academic enrichment.

Our elementary K-5 program is rich with experiential learning opportunity. Our campus is designed to maximize time outdoors and our curriculum allows time and space to ponder, reflect, be creative and discern as new experiences are gained. Students get real-life experience through trips, partnerships with local organizations like Roberta Webb Daycare Center and a flexible curriculum which fosters opporunity to learn outside the traditional classroom.

Our middle school program affords additional experiential learning through creative curricula, masterful teaching, opportunities for service learning and intentional planning. All middle schoolers participates in "Explore Week" held annually in April. Each grade participates in a course that ties to their curriculum and is experientially designed to spark discovery.

In high school, student are required to participate in at least one Experiential Learning Course (E-Term) each year of enrollment. E-Term is offered in April each school year and offered in the summer in the form of state-side and international trips. During E-Term students select from a variety of experiences which are led by faculty and include a mix of students across grades 9-12. Students build community during these experiences, perform meaningful service to tohers and also practice self-reflection through journal keeping. 

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