Elementary School

Maria Archer
Maria Archer, K-8 Principal

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Our curriculum

Language arts is the core of the curriculum at EMES because it permeates each other area of study.  Students learn to write with clarity, organization, and creativity. 

EMES uses the Everyday Mathematics program developed at the University of Chicago. This program connects each new concept to its use in the “real world.”  Students use hands on activities and manipulatives to reinforce the concepts. 

Like math, the science curriculum incorporates experiential learning into each new area of focus. Students ask questions, conduct experiments, collect data, draw conclusions, and explore ways to effectively display their results with graphs and charts. 

The social studies curriculum is History Alive. This program helps students make connections between historical events and life today by integrating role-plays, small group problem-solving challenges, and simulations into each unit of study. 

In both science and social studies, students also learn to gather information from a variety of sources including textbooks, trade books, and experts in the field.

Specialty areas of study include art, music, Spanish, physical education, and peacebuilding.  Students hear and speak Spanish twice a week in class, and engage in physical activity outside every day.     

Peacebuilding curriculum

Our Peacebuilding curriculum emphasize the importance of being an effective member of the community by learning leadership skills, how to be a good listener, and effective communication skills. Bible stories are introduced as part of the Peacebuilding curriculum. These stories continue to be used in the regular classrooms as students learn from Jesus’ example.  Within these class discussions and activities, students are challenged to look at the world from the eyes of others and find ways they can help those around them. 

Each week, the entire K-5 community enjoys “Gathering” time to sing and hear others share how they live out their faith in the world. Spiritual growth is fostered each day in the classroom as students are given opportunities to share their beliefs.  Teachers model their faith as they create a respectful classroom where everyone is valued and honesty and integrity are valued.

Kindergarten through grade 5 students gather weekly to hear others - often guest speakers -
share stories, music, artwork, insights.