Patsy Seitz
Patsy Seitz
Director of Academics

At the center of the EMS philosophy and goals is a commitment to the Christian Faith. We see God as the source of all knowledge. As a community of Christian people, we actively explore the relationship of Christ's teachings to academic disciplines.Since God created each one uniquely in His own image, each student has a variety of gifts and abilities.

Within the framework of what we call Gifted Behaviors we also challenge each student to develop and practice a range of behaviors, skills and traits—which forms the groundwork for effective life-long use of those gifts and abilities.

Gifted behaviors are critical life skills exhibited by successful persons, including:

  • the ability to clarify conditions of right and wrong
  • the ability to organize and follow through
  • persistence
  • expanded vocabulary
  • a voracious appetite for reading
  • strong thinking and reasoning ability
  • insight
  • the ability to manage impulsivity
  • adeptness in relationships and a confident sense of self and the future

We believe gifted behaviors can be encouraged, modeled and taught to all students regardless of their academic accomplishments. In the courses offered at EMS, students are challenged with a range of options in assignments and projects which require students to use gifted behaviors in building new knowledge structures.

Regular activities are scheduled in the EMS curriculum to nurture students spiritually as well as intellectually. Elementary Gahtering times, Bible and peacebuilding classes, Middle and High School daily Chapel and Spiritual Renewal Weekw twice a year, Community Service Day, small group Bible studies, Neighbor Groups and discussion of biblical teachings in numerous classes are just some of the ways we encourage students to become active followers of Christ in their congregations and in the EMS community of believers. In study, worship or play, students are challenged to integrate faith with life—to learn and apply biblical standards to life's decisions.

In addition to developing gifted behaviors, students throughout the EMS curriculum and program are encouraged to develop a wide range of interests. We provide opportunities through field trips, experiential learning, athletics and co-curricular courses. In all these activities and within interpersonal relationships, we expect students to display compassion, courage, commitment, unselfishness, patience and self-control.

As a culminating activity, students in the spring of their senior year put together a Senior Presentation as part of the required Kingdom Living class. Through this presentation, they have the opportunity to reflect upon their spiritual, academic, and emotional development through their high school years.

To learn more about our academic program, please review our Academic Handbook, which you'll find under the "Quick Links" tab at the top of this page.