2018 Reader Survey

More than 170 readers completed our reader survey in fall 2018. Thank you!

Readers include alumni, parents of current students and alumni, faculty and staff and friends in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and points far beyond in the US, Canada and internationally.

Nearly 85 percent of survey respondents said they open and read or skim TODAY within the first days of receiving it. Seventy percent of those respondents were alumni.

Readers tell us they are, by far, most interested in content about current school happenings. Tied closely for second place, was interest in alumni news and upcoming events.

We are glad to know that TODAY connects with many people of all ages and constituencies. We will continue to publish and mail a print version of the publication three times per year. To save paper and postage, we will no longer send copies to all church mailboxes of Virginia Mennonite Conference, but will provide a small supply for church people to pick up. And anyone can ask to join the mailing list (today@emhs.net; 540-236-6025).

The publication will focus on telling the story of what is happening at the school. In addition, we will periodically send an electronic TODAY magazine with different content from the print version. This allows us to link to additional news stories; we don't have room in the print version for everything!

If you are reading this and prefer not to receive the print publication, let us know. We'll save the paper and postage by removing you from the print mailing list.

And remember that you can see frequent updates on school happenings via social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Something I appreciate about EMS...

The written comments on surveys like this are always enjoyable. Here's a sampling:

  • The way rigorous academics and honest faith don't have to be separated, but combine to inform a whole person.
  • Integration of peacebuilding into the classroom. Attempts of restorative justice
  • Commited faculty and staff to quality education, academics and faith-building experience for students

And the winner is...

Survey respondants were entered into a drawing for an EMS fleece blanket. Congratulations to Heidi Cripe, mother of Nathan '16, and dedicated school volunteer for many years. Thank you for completing the survey and ALL you have done for EMS over the years! Your blanket is in the mail...