We are thankful for....

Our students -- kindergarten through grade 12 -- are thankful for...

  • God and Jesus
  • family, good friends
  • four seasons...warm AND cool weather... airconditioning!
  • ability to exercise, sports to watch and play, PE class, the gaga court, the woods to play in
  • teachers that listen to students and are willing to compromise

  • Chess, reading, pets,sleep
  • a bigger school building
  • being able to buy hot lunch, snack time and sharing food with friends
  • being with the high school
  • teacher assistants 
  • construction work at the new building
  • the wood working bench with real saws and hammers!

  • the reading loft, sandbox, circle time, drawing at the art table
  • that my mom works at the school (by Tegan, kindergarten daughter of high school teacher Mrs. Roth)
  • big windows and interesting clouds
  • music! (especially when it fills the halls)


Photos by students in Digital Photography II class and Independent Study (photography). Home page photo of hand and leaf by Halie Mast '21.