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Honor Roll, 2018-19 Quarter 2

January 30, 2019
By Andrea Wenger


A/B HONOR ROLL  - Quarter 2

( * = All A's)






Amanda Aponte*

Eric Haskell

Gavin Myers

Caitlin Weaver

Lily Byer*

Zach Hatter*

Brendan Nussbaum*

Destin Witmer*

Jesse Byler*

Caroline Hayes*

Victor Pou*

Ada Zhang*

Mary Fairfield

Jessica Hess

Mike Schweigert

Felicity Zimmerman

Kerinna Good*

Isaac Huyard

Karly Stoltzfus*


McKenna Grantier

Camryn Landes

Lily Taylor


Perla Guerrero*

Grant Leichty*

Gwen Wagner*


Grace Harder*

Mike Mi

Annie Wang*







Maddy Bollinger

Maya Ferrell

Aaron Moyer*

Meade Slonaker

Lane Burkholder*

Samantha Forbes*

Maira Myers*

Isaac Spicher*

Chance Church

Ava Galgano*

Cyrus Ramsey*

Abby Stapleton*

Molly Clark

Thad Jackson

Emma Resto*

Bryse Vrolijk

Lukas Early

Isabella Madrid*

Afton Rhodes-Lehman*

Julie Weaver

Meghan Eggert*

Ginny Miller*

Emma Schwertfuehrer*

Tingzhe Jack Zhao






Gabriel Albers

Garrett Gregory*

Harriet King*

Anna Stempel*

Shay Bechler

Arwen Hertzler*

Rahel Lema*

Adam Stoltzfus*

Beiler, Kyrie*

Eli Hess

Halie Mast*

Lleyton Stutzman*

Ryan Brunk

Karla Hostetter*

Rawan Mohammed*

Anna Tieszen*

Natalie Clark*

Alex Humaniuk

Emma Myers*

Jenna Weaver*

Adrienne Cline

Riley Hutcheson*

Josh Powell


Levi Emswiler

Sunny Kim*

Ryan Shank







Malia Bauman*

Joely Ferrell

Michael Martin-Baker

Isaiah Riddle*

Ben Bellamy

Elisabeth Fink*

Anneke McDonald*

Silas Roth Sawatzky

Joelle Blosser

Anissa Gregory*

Ezra Miller

Jonathan Showalter*

Ricky Castaneda*

Adam Hatter*

Kate Mumbauer

Eiljah Spicher

Phil Diener*

Hannah Hendricks*

Miriam Rhodes*

Eli Stoll

Eli Drooger

Sydney Litwiller*

Sidney Rhodes*



8th GRADE (73%)




Marissa Clark*

Emily Hess*

Andrew Lantz*

Jonathan Piper

Naomi Diener*

Shawna Hurst*

Daniel Madrid

Luke Rogers

Joshua Early

Paige Hutcheson*

Grady McGlaughlin

Natalie Smucker

Praise Eom*

Ben Huyard*

Anna Miller*

Langdon Stutzman*

Norah Godshall*

Tyson Landes

Isaiah O'Neill



7th GRADE (60%)




Nico Fencer*

Sarah Drooger*

Drew Hatter

Sophie Hendricks

Lillye Monger

Aurora Burner

Karinna Fink*

Drew Holland*

Maddox Nichols*

Carson Cale*

Wesley Graves*

Fredrick Kweba

Tyler Shank*

Thaneisha Cedeno

Nina Harman*

Mac Lehman*

Max Stempel

Hannah Dredger*

Annika Harmison*

Miriam Loucks*

Mia Yoder*


6th GRADE (77%)




Eleanor Albers

Thomas Fairfield*

Tyler Mast*

Luga Samson*

Annika Amato*

Sabrina Forbes*

Marley McGlaughlin

Catherine Scherpereel

Isaiah Campbell

Brayden Kratz*

Miranda O'Neill*

Simon Shank

Alex Cline

Maddie Kratz

Kate Piper*

Aliyah Sommers*

Emily Compagnari

Lili Lehman*

Lucas Pou

Luke Stoltzfus

Oliver Early

Isis Long

Asher Roth Sawatzky

Justin Yoder*

Kaylee Emswiler*

Yohann Malvaez

Isaac Sachs*

Joseph Yutzy



Patsy Seitz, Director of Academics


EMS to Host Screen Schooled Authors

January 28, 2019
By Andrea Wenger

Is technology overuse making our kids "dumber?" Veteran teachers Joe Clement and Matt Miles argue it is. They will present their findings and insights on the impact of technology on students' lives and minds at a public presentation hosted by Eastern Mennonite School, March 20 at 7:30 p.m.

The authors of Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse Is Making Our Kids Dumber  argue that educators have rushed in the past decade to digitize instructions, without taking time to ask, “Is this what is best for students?”

Clement and Miles -- both graduates of James Madison University which is a partner in presenting the address -- have seen firsthand how damaging technology overuse and misuse has been to students. They identify as being "on a mission to educate and empower parents," showing how screen saturation at home and school has created a wide range of cognitive and social deficits in our young people.

Pediatrician Ron Bashian writes in his Amazon review of the book, "I could not agree more with the observations in and recommendations of these experienced teacher authors... Executive functions - such as memory recall, time management, planning, prioritizing, finishing - are all impaired by prolonged immersion in the addictive allure of video games, texting, and social media. Adverse change in both brain structure and connectivity, perhaps permanent, have been shown to correlate with extended screen time in these still developing young brains."

Authors and educators Matt Miles, left, and Joe Clement.

Clement and Miles will share their research on trends in schools and outcomes, and make a case for simpler, smarter, more effective forms of teaching and learning.

The session is free and open to the public.

Area private and public school and college or university administrators and teachers are encouraged to attend, as well as parents and students.

The program will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the school's auditorium at 801 Parkwood Drive, Harrisonburg. Parking and entrance to the auditorium is located in the back of the building, reached by entering the upper lot (toward Eastern Mennonite University) on the east side of the school's front office. Call 540-236-6000 with questions.

In addition to the partnership with James Madison University, WVPT Public Media is a media partner. Additional sponsors include: Park View Federal Credit Union, Everence, and Eastern Mennonite University with support from Shirley's Popcorn and Brian Mayes Karate Studio.



Andry Stutzman Named Tennis Coach

January 28, 2019
By Andrea Wenger

Andry Stutzman '14, has been named tennis coach for the Easetrn Mennonite School boys team this spring and girls team next fall.

A varsity tennis player from grade 8 through 12 at EMS, Stutzman remembers the team as "a time in which I made many lasting friendships with my teammates and really fell in love with the sport."

After high school, Stutzman played at the collegiate level at Hesston (Kansas) College. His team was the first and second Hesston tennis team to make it to the NJCAA national tournament in 2014 and 2015. Classmate Caleb Schrock-Hurst was a doubles partner throughout high school and collegiate competition.

After transferring to Eastern Mennonite University, Stutzman continued to play intramural tennis. In December of 2018 he graduated with a degree in music education, and now teaches private voice and piano.

"I’m looking forward to working with the players this year to not only improve our ability to compete at a high level of play, but to also develop in our faith and relationships," says Stutzman. "My goal is for everyone to come to a greater appreciation of this lifelong sport."

Eastern Mennonite tennis competes in divison II of the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) and is a member of the Virginia Independent Conference (VIC) and the Blue Ridge Conference (BRC).

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